Yanji stores often have beauty


Yanji shops often have beautiful people😍

Beauty with breakfast💕

Thank you Cai Xiang for your favorite red oranges 🙇‍♀️

I have to say all who has eaten our sweet potato balls say 👍

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form 蔡祥Sonia Tsai: 

I wanna have a beautiful brunch today

It turned out that I really found a great brunch shop

CP value is very high😍😍

And because it's too cheap, we have a lot of features 🤣🤣

👉🏻Top luxury meals

The meat is super delicious ~~ Smells great😍 The weight of the fort is super thick!

👉🏻 Crispy Crispy Chicken Fillet Croissants Meal

L love to eat Croissants.🥐 I ordered this meal when I couldn't restrain it.

👉🏻XO sauce radish cake with egg

This is also my favorite meal. I usually eat radish cake for breakfast.

👉🏻 Heart-filled blessings

The portion is so big that a boy can't finish it

I don't understand. Dean Hao, how can you order this and not finish?🤣🤣

👉🏻 Assorted fried items, a bunch of hot dogs, a bunch of sweet potatoes ❤️

Chicken nuggets are also delicious, juicy👍

Sweet potato balls are awesome! I don't eat enough.I couldn't stop to order it🤣

Sweet and soft, with solid puppet inside😍

Hot dogs are also my favorite taste, unkind and fat😍

Do you think our breakfast is too luxurious?

Tell you, it's super cheap

Only $130 per person

And the environment is very good.

There is also no fume smell that is often found in breakfast shops! 😭 I will give you a hundred points for this.

There is also a serious business on the plate, especially the radish cake. The red small pot is super cute.

Really comfortable

CP value is very high! Come and enjoy it!

This shop is 👉🏻

Red Orange Chain Catering Group Fresh Ur Day

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