branded advantages

📌Professional team headquarters and brand strength

● The headquarters has a professional team of R & D, products, logistics, operations, and marketing, and has a complete organization and division of labor.

● The brand has been established for 15 years, and has rich experience in catering operations, with franchised stores throughout Taiwan and overseas.

● Carefully select ingredients and packaging materials to give consumers peace of mind.

📌First Brunch / Linner / Take Out composite business model

● Flexible business hours combined with diversified and rich catering are positioned as operations.

● Provide special meals and drinks for different operating hours.

● Make a comfortable dining space according to the store size.

📌Store opening planning and operation management guidance

● Analyze the development of business districts and the evaluation of consumer power and store effectiveness.

● Line planning to improve the use efficiency.

● Evaluate the store before opening a store, and create the best profit model for opening a store.

● Introduce an online ordering system to streamline manpower and reduce operating costs.

    📌Complete service and demonstration outlets

    ● Professional warehousing and logistics management to ensure stable material quality and supply.

    ● Demonstration stores are directly operated in various places to provide professional education and training.

    ● Teaching, training, internship headquarters full-time responsibility counseling.

    ● POS system sales analysis, providing professional business advice and new product development.

    ● Use electronic payment system to speed up checkout, increase visitor numbers and turnover.

      📌Diversified marketing solutions and media application strategies

      ● National well-known enterprises alliances / special shops.

      ● Opening activities, promotion of new products.

      ● Themed marketing in conjunction with festivals.

      ● The only industry in the industry to cooperate with FB / IG / YouTuber / Bloggers.

      ● Introduce online ordering applications to improve purchase efficiency.

      ● Brand short videos and social media use.